Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Husband's 50th Birthday (Part 1)

Happy Fall everyone. It's finally fall and I love it. This month is very special because it's my husband's Birthday and this year he is turning the Big 50 so I wanted his birthday to be very special for him. The day of his birthday I wanted to surprise him and I decorated the table hanging some rosettes from the ceiling. I used Ribbon & Rossettes Cricut cartridge. I made them very big. I used Sentimental Cricut cartridge for the scalloped circles, Smiley Cards Cricut cartridge for Ha-p-B-Day, Life's a Party Cricut Cartridge for the 50 tag and cake and I also used Mickey font for the name Jerry. I welded the letters using my Gypsy.

I also made a Birthday Card using my Cricut Imagine. It was the fastest card ever. I made it in 15 min. I used Imagine More Card Cricut Imagine Cartridge.

This is my husband with his present. He liked the decoration.

My husband opening his present. He loves Fish tanks.

Very happy with his present.

And finally cutting the cake. I made his favorite pinapple upside down cake. Here is a the tip, if you don't have a candle with a number, just cut the number in cardstock, attach a toothpick in the back with hot glue and then use a regular candle. I cut the 50 number using Life's a party cricut cartridge  He had no clue that I was secretly planning a Surprise Party for him later that weekend (Part 2 coming soon). I hope you all enjoy it. If you have any question let me know.

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  1. He looks happy! Love those giant rosettes... and that pineapple upsidedown cake looks fabulous!!